President and Chief Scientific Officer

Clinical, Intellectual Property, and Management Advisors

President and Chief Scientific Officer

Frank H. Burton, Ph.D.

Dr. Burton is also company Founder. To maintain the company's basic-research pipeline he also retains part-time his faculty and principal investigator status at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities' Department of Pharmacology, National Cancer Institute-Comprehensive Cancer Center, and Minnesota Supercomputing Institute.

Dr. Burton's commercial biotechnology contributions include two biotech patents (U.S. Patents 5,223,610 and 5,416,017) for cellular-level "physiological engineering," and early consulting on cDNA-fingerprinting (genome expression-profiling) technology for the founders of two other biotechnology and bioinformatics companies, Digital Gene Technologies, Inc., and Neurome, Inc., of La Jolla. He has coauthored 30 academic research articles and obtained 22 research grants for discoveries or methods in molecular genetics, genomics and genome expression analysis, biotechnology, genetic and physiological engineering, endocrinology, cancer genetics and biology, neurobiology and behavior, pharmacology, neuropharmacology and neuroimmunopharmacology.

Methods or products Dr. Burton has created include polymerase timepoint subcloning, DNA sandwich hybridization, antiviral polyribozymes, intracellular second-messenger stimulating transgenes, physiological engineering, behavioral circuit-testing, Big Mice, Ticcy Mice, and behavioral waveform display. His past scientific discoveries include the Mammalian LINES-1 retroposon, cAMP carcinogenesis, Ets Homologous Factor (EHF) tumor suppressor, "cluster-bomb" carcinogenesis, and the Cortical-limbic Glutamatergic Neuron (CGN) model of tics and compulsions (which inspired clinical validation of new drugs to ameliorate these disorders, including the antiglutamatergic, riluzole; the glial glutamate-cysteine antiporter and indirect metabotropic glutamate receptor agonist, n-acetylcysteine; and the dopamine D1 antagonist, ecopipam).

Dr. Burton also has scientifically advised 66 students, technicians or postdocs, has directed the University's Medical School Pharmacology courses, and is a top-ranked lecturer. He has served as grant reviewer for the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF), the University of Leuven Research Council and the Israel Research Foundation, as manuscript reviewer for 12 scientific journals, and in five professional societies and consortia (FASEB, ASPET, SFN, AAAS, MNCAS).

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Clinical, Intellectual Property, and Management Advisors

Susan Nicol, Ph.D., L.P., Senior Clinical
Psychologist, Physicians of Hennepin County
Medical Center, Hennepin Faculty Associates,
Minneapolis; SBIR Grants Advisor, Former
NIH SBIR Committee Reviewer.

Michael J. McGrath, J.D., Ph.D.,
Patent Agent and Attorney, Crompton,
Seager & Tufte, LLC, 1221 Nicollet Ave.,
Suite 800, Minneapolis, MN, 55403.

Harlan T. Jacobs, Accounting and Investment
Consultant; President, Genesis Business
Centers, Ltd., and Former CFO, FilmTec
Corp., Columbia Heights, MN.

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